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    Description Notes Price
    Tenderloin Steak (Filet Mignon) $23.49 lb
    Delmonico Steak (Rib Eye) $13.49 lb
    Sirloin Strip Steak $12.39 lb
    Porterhouse Steak (T-Bone) $11.99 lb
    Bone in Rib Steak $11.99 lb
    Sirloin Tips $12.39 lb
    Boneless New York Sirloin Steak $8.69 lb
    Top Round Steak $6.69 lb
    Top Sirloin Steak $6.59 lb
    London Broil $6.39 lb
    Whole Tenderloin (average weight 8 lbs) $22.99 lb
    Rib Eye Roast (Prime Rib) $12.39 lb
    Bone In Rib Roast (Bone In Prime Rib) $11.79 lb)
    Spoon Roast (Oven Roast) $7.69 lb
    Top Sirloin Roast (Oven Roast) $6.39 lb
    Top Round Roast (Oven Roast) $6.29 lb
    Eye of Round Roast (Oven/Pot Roast) $5.69 lb
    Boneless Chuck Roast $5.99 lb
    Fresh Ground Beef 85% Lean 10 lbs or more $4.89 lb
    Fresh Ground Beef 85% Lean Less than 10 lbs $5.29 lb
    Fresh Ground Beef 95% Lean (Diet Lean) $6.59 lb
    Our Own Real Sandwich Steak 1 lb packages $6.69 lb
    Extra Lean Stew Beef $6.29 lb
    Extra Lean Cube Steak Only available on Fridays $6.99 lb
    Fresh Beef Brisket Whole (10-12 lb average) $5.39 lb
    Fresh Beef Brisket Half (any size) $5.79 lb
    Our Own Corned Brisket Whole (10-12 lb average) $6.29 lb
    Our Own Corned Brisket Half (any size) $6.59 lb
    Beef Liver Frozen 1 lb packs $2.59 lb
    Beef Short Ribs Individual $5.49 lb
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